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What Keeps you up at night?

Venture Lynk Capital and Advisory
Brent Stokes
Brent Stokes
September 10, 2021

That’s right…17.5 million results for canned answers to theVendor Questionnaires that you send to your vendors and receive back (in orderto try to properly vet your vendors).

Google sceenshot example of search results

Does this keep you up at night? It should…infiltrationthrough vendors systems are responsible for nearly 60% of all corporatecyberattacks.

How do you know your vendors haven’t just cut and pasted theanswers (that your vendor thinks you need to see) from one of these millions ofsources?

You don’t…you simply don’t have time to become an expert inthis area of vendor management.

And that leaves you exposed to real damage from your vendorportfolio…even if they have the best of intentions!

The good news is that we do know when your vendor hasprovided less than accurate information for vetting purposes.

The Venture Lynk staff of ex-military security specialistsare the acknowledged experts at assessing the risk each vendor poses and assessingthe quality and validity of the information they provide!

Venture Lynk provides the information and reliability thatyou need to manage your vendor relations.