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Intellectual Property Risk Management

As successful startups and accelerated growth companies continue their journey toward achieving their vision, a significant amount of proprietary information, processes, and data are created. Our patent and legal teams will assist with completing documents, which are critical to a patent application.

Organizational leaders must realize that timing is everything when it comes to protecting your intellectual property. If the provisional patent application process is not submitted in a timely manner after presenting your invention to the market place, then your invention may not be patentable.

We ensure the protection and preservation of your invention, so that your intellectual property retains positive intrinsic value for your business. .
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Protect your
Intellectual Property

Venture Lynk has patent analysts who have decades of experience working with the U.S. Patent Office. We offer a full solution for intellectual property risk management.
  • Existing intellectual property identification and protection assessment
  • Patent possibility assessment and resulting strategy
  • Primary assistance with the development of required inventor documentation, which must accompany the patent application
  • Development of intellectual property strategy for future sell or investor due diligence
“We were innovating and growing our company at a blistering pace but the security of our intellectual property was not equal to the pace of growth and innovation.  Venture Lynk has helped us implement a strategy that gives us maximum IP security and they have immediately increased our company value.”

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Marina Del Rey, California

Benefits of IP Risk
Management Strategy

  • Your enterprise achieves and maintains maximum intellectual property protection to increase firm value
  • Our clients are able to retain our partner law firm without a retainer fee
  • Discounted rate for attorney billable hours

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