Information Security Risk Management

Rapidly growing startup companies in any industry are innovating and creating at such an aggressive pace and consequently the security of their data and proprietary technology should also scale at a similar pace.  Young and constantly innovating companies who are constantly evolving their vision and their services don’t always have the time or personnel to focus on protecting what they’ve created. 
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Think Of Information Security As A Business Multiplier Instead Of Just Another Expense

Venture Lynk is here to help you with your information security so you can continue focusing on growing at a rapid pace.
  • Enterprise Level Info Sec Assessments identify your vulnerabilities and exposure to data breaches
  • Create industry standard Information Security Policy Package to help secure new clients and meet the requirements of regulators, investors and other stakeholders
  • Develop a strategic plan to prepare for and pass a SOC II Audit
  • Create a charter, implement and manage an information security steering committee
  • Refine existing or build out information security training that meets industry, regulatory and client standards
  • Engage constant cyber monitoring of yourself, your vendors, and your clients to prevent the risk event that endangers your business
  • Deploy an Information Security policy that provides maximum confidence in your business continuity and your ability to safely grow your business exponentially

We Can Help Your Business

  • Reduce the time and effort it takes to evaluate a vendor
  • Help you go beyond analyzing your 3rd party vendor and also analyze your vendor’s vendors (4th, and 5th party risk assessment)
  • Strategize and prepare for upcoming regulatory changes related to vendor management
  • Provide concise information and cyber risk vulnerability reports that you can simply forward to your vendors for remediation
  • Vendor audits to check for appropriate licensing, proper insurance coverage, consumer complaints, and comprehensive training or policy practices

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