Operational Risk Management

Startups, young high growth and established companies cannot afford the losses that can result from ineffective or failed internal processes, people, systems, or external events. To ensure the consistent growth of a startup or young high growth company's franchise value, any organization must constantly identify and control its operational risk. The highest possible value at time of new investment or sale of the company is the ultimate result of effective operational risk management.

Operational Risk Management Solution

Venture Lynk helps our clients develop a strategy and real oversight that monitors the identified operational risk of the enterprise. To achieve success, we help put in place corporate governance, oversight, and organization-wide adherence to the policies and procedures. Our operational risk management solution is delivered in three phases:
3 Phases of the Operational Risk Management Solution

Enterprise Risk Assessment and Identification

  • Identify and review existing objectives, initiatives, capabilities, strategies, policies, technology, information systems, past and future investments, and existing IP protections
  • Provide ideas on the impact of these risks to business continuity and franchise value
  • Understand where these risks originate and how they travel throughout your enterprise to identify the level of danger to the enterprise
  • Provide scenarios on the impact of these risks if they continue to exist without monitoring
third party vendor risk management for financial institutions Los Angeles, CA
third party vendor risk management for financial institutions Los Angeles, CA

Develop Operational Risk Management Strategy

  • Establish corporate governance infrastructure based on company vision and objectives
  • Select and Implement controls
  • Utilize consistent communication tools to inform and enroll enterprise-wide understanding and adoption
  • Create action plans for responses to risk events

Monitor Existing Risk and Adjust To New Threats

  • Report and drive the cycle of newly identified risk
  • Create tolerance levels for identified risk
  • Monitor and document risk events along with responses
  • Create an incentive and reward plan for employees 
third party vendor risk management for financial institutions Los Angeles, CA

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