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Third Party Vendor
Risk Management

Venture Lynk provides customized outsourced third-party vendor risk management solutions for vendor management teams of any size. Our services can be applied to onboarding new vendors, evaluating existing vendors, or conducting cyber and financial risk monitoring of your critical vendors. You should not solely rely on vendor questionnaires to mitigate and manage your risk. Instead, use Venture Lynk to effectively verify and monitor your vendors.
3rd party vendor risk management Los Angeles, CA

Our Vendor Management Service Offerings Include

  • New Applicant or Existing Vendor Information Security Risk Assessments
  • Active Daily Cyber Risk Monitoring
  • Active Daily Financial Risk Monitoring
  • Financial Health Risk Assessments
  • Supply Chain “N-th Party” Monitoring
  • Vendor Cyber Security Reports
  • OFAC, FHFA, FEML Watchlist Monitoring
  • AMC AIR Policy Compliance Assessments
  • Due Diligence & Financial Performance Reports
  • Vendor Business Credit Reports
  • Vendor Management Project Resources & Advisory

Vendor Information Security Risk Assessments

Clients can immediately utilize our services to establish efficiencies, and become proactive in making valued vendor risk related decisions on third party and Nth party vendors.

At Venture Lynk, our message is always "TRUST BUT VERIFY", because the practice of processing vendor questionnaires most often is not a sufficient approach to identifying and assessing risk.

Our information and cyber security analysts are an experienced team of experts composed of retired military intelligence personnel. Our specialists will provide a comprehensive review of all information security policy documents and cyber security policy documents, using NIST and ISO standards, to identify gaps, vulnerabilities, and inadequacies vendor questionnaires may fail to uncover.

Our goal in partnering with your business is focused on providing risk teams the needed resources to create a secure and defensible environment, which improves the integrity of any third party vendor risk management team.

It's Easy To Get Started With Venture Lynk

Venture Lynk is a completely system agnostic service provider. This means that we will deliver a customized scope of work within the dynamics of your existing vendor management platform.

Our clients avoid:

  • Spending cash to get started
  • Additional costly software subscriptions
  • Stress of “another” implementation 
  • Ongoing training

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