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Utilities & Energy

Efficient utilities and clean energy are made possible through the innovative technologies and processes of private companies. With a focus on growth-driven tech startups, Venture Lynk has decades of proven success in advising companies through the invaluable intellectual property process. If your company is experiencing rapid growth and wants to leverage IP for more profitability, then we are here to help.

Govt contracts

Government Contracts

Government contracts require diligent adherence to regulator standards. Our willingness to assist with the due diligence process and procedures included make Venture Lynk a great option for securing and ensuring future government contracts. With expertise in advising on the complexities of efficient operations management we are sure to make your company stand out against the competition in your next bidding cycle.


Many healthcare providers outsource parts of their supply chain to third-parties, and this presents potential risk in terms of security and operations. Here at Venture Lynk we have a team of third-party risk management experts to help navigate through what can seem like a daunting feat full of endless data collection with minimal analysis. Some of our services include thorough risk reviews and audits.


Financial Services

The key to staying afloat is to have the keep up with important financial information on your business, clients and vendors. We offer expert reviews of the most compelling data points to ensure your management team remains ahead of any changes in the financial standing of your company. clients, or vendors.

financial services