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How Venture Lynk Works For loanDepot

Michael Guess
Michael Guess
January 21, 2021

loanDepot, the nation's third largest mortgage lender, turns to Venture Lynk for help with assessing risk for third party vendors providing mission critical services to loanDepot as well as prospective vendors. Venture Lynk conducts information security reviews, financial reviews, AIR assessments, as well as monitoring vendor cybersecurity and business health to provide critical insights to the loanDepot vendor management team so they can focus on onboarding and making business decisions that best serve the needs of loanDepot.

“The subject matter expertise and services provided by Venture Lynk deliver the data and analysis needed for our vendor relationship managers to make efficient and well-informed decisions related to potential new vendors and the management of existing vendors.”

Dion Davis, Vice President, Vendor Performance Management at loanDepot

Helping loanDepot prepare for regulatory audits by providing timely annual risk reviews and quarterly vendor performance assessments helps provide a solid foundation for vendor risk management as the company continues to grow based on collaborative teamwork and a commitment to loanDepot's success.

“Our team of analyst at Venture Lynk have been able to deliver significant additional vendor risk monitoring and new vendor evaluation capacity for loanDepot.  Our ability to be flexible and work  within any existing vendor management platform has made implementation and delivery of our services affordable and seamless."

Brent Stokes, President, Venture Lynk

Venture Lynk works hand-in-hand on projects big and small, to go far beyond what the vendor provided questionnaire(s) and policy documents say to provide the kind of custom analysis loanDepot needs to mitigate risks without needing another IT procurement. Venture Lynk provides the kind of flexibility loanDepot needs so they can assemble a vendor management solution that works best for them.