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NEWS LYNK: Well-Known Cybersecurity Firm HACKED

Michael Guess
Michael Guess
December 9, 2020

FireEye, a well-known cybersecurity firm announced they have been hacked and the perpetrators stole "Red Team tools" that the company uses to help simulate attacks and test for vulnerabilities in their client's systems.

According to the NY Times, it is believed a nation-state actor carried out the highly sophisticated attack while most attention was focused on the US presidential election. The attackers were able to breach their closely guarded vault that contained tools the company has cultivated over the years from other attacks and used with permission by their clients, including the US government

FireEye was brought in to help solve the Sony and Equifax hacks as well as hacks on some US government agencies in 2015. It is believed Russia may be behind this attack and the FBI is investigating.

It is believed that these tools will be used to disguise the origin of future cybersecurity incidents. One thing is for sure, 2021 will likely be year of unprecedented incidents and is all the more reason to take steps to ensure your vendors and partners are as well protected as your systems using cybersecurity monitoring.

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