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Cybersecurity And A New Administration

Solarium Commission
Michael Guess
Michael Guess
November 19, 2020

With the voting completed, what can cybersecurity leaders expect from a Biden administration: a radical overhaul or building on the successes of the prior administration?

Both Axios and Politico have done some reporting on this topic and given the importance, it was important to highlight some key elements of these early predictions. The answer is likely to going to be a little bit of both.

“He’ll take the good things that have happened, and he’ll make them more consistent and strategic.” James Lewis, a cyber expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, predicted that Biden would marry “a high degree of continuity” with “a lot smoother implementation.”

What to expect:

·       A focus on privacy and hate speech

·       Net neutrality will likely make a return, benefiting content providers and consumers

·       A continuation of antitrust efforts against large tech companies

·       A reversal of an executive order on social media liability

·       Trade war with China likely to calm down, benefiting hardware companies

·       A more assertive stance on Russian cyberattacks

·       Implementation of portions of the Solarium Report detailing US cyberwarfare policy

·       Reinforce the recently created CISA office to protect American infrastructure

·       Suzanne Spaulding, former DHS undersecretary for cyberinfrastructure is under consideration for Secretary of Homeland Security

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