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Cybersecurity Predictions for 2021

Michael Guess
Michael Guess
November 16, 2020

As 2020 (finally!) draws to a close, what can we expect in2021? If 2020 has proven anything, it is that anything is possible. However, based on recent trends we can make some reasonable assumptions about what to expect in the new year. Here are some predictions:

#1 Cybercriminals will focus on the remote worker.

We have seen this become a key focus in early 2020 as teams worked from home, and we expect this to continue.

#2 Legacy VPN security architecture will be prone to exploitation.

VPN is not a panacea, and unpatched systems can be exploited.

#3 With an unpredictable macro-economic outlook due to COVID-19, companies will reduce IT budgets to save money.

As counterintuitive as it may seem, when businesses need to cut budgets, IT is usually a place they start even as companies are now increasingly relying on IT to support their remote workforce.

#4 Healthcare data breaches and ransomware attacks may become deadly.

In Germany we saw an incident targeting a university accidentally impact an associated hospital, causing a patient to die in transit to another hospital. Sadly, this could reoccur.

#5 New technology, like 5G, will facilitate attacks on financial institutions.

Financial institutions are big targets and 5G networks offer high speed bandwidth to launch attacks through that could overwhelm unprepared systems.

#6 COVID-19 will force companies to shift more business functions online to accommodate a remote workforce.

Some companies like Twitter are moving to a remote work environment and we think this will continue across industries as companies reduce their footprint to save costs.

#7 As more people and systems rely on the Internet, risk of data exposure will reach new heights.

Who knew my grandmother knew how to use Zoom? As more people start to use the Internet more data is exposed and could lead to more cybersecurity incidents.

That is why Venture Lynk offers a variety of tools to help manage risk with your vendors and coming soon, tools to help manage risks inherent in having remote teams with our Remote Access Cyber Security Service. Visit Venture Lynk to schedule an appointment or contact Venture Lynk at 213-421-3050 to learn more about our vendor risk management services.